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Product Development

Product Development is a specialized application of azsets’s Methodology that quickly and efficiently produces a large number of value-added, differentiated product concepts.

Development of new products is a necessity due to turbulent markets, fast product cycles, and disruptive technologies. In order to remain competitive, companies have to be innovative and create new products as well as improve existing ones incrementally. Product concepts are considered to be proposals intended for commercialization within a standard product development cycle. Therefore, they may be seen as the central driver for downstream development. However, product concepts may serve a company in various means, suggesting that their use and value is not limited only for product development.

With Product Development, we can:

  • Identify true customer need - Function models reveal how customers use your product and uncover opportunities for innovation.
  • Compress Time Required - Concept development is done in days or weeks instead of months.
  • Create substantial Concepts with high market potential are developed through resolution of hidden contradictions in the way customers use the product.
  • Gain competitive advantage - Innovative product concepts that meet current and anticipated customer needs make your offerings the products of choice

azsets’s Product Development method combines the power of Function Modeling. A function model is initially built to determine “market acceptance” of your product. This model reveals the hidden compromises that your customers are making in order to use your product.