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Applications Development Services

With the path-breaking developments in the field of communications, outsourcing of business has become a viable as well as a highly profitable option. With high-speed communications allowing customers and vendors to communicate on a real-time basis, offshore Application Development has become practically equivalent to getting software developed in another location of the outsourcing organisation.

Reporting Applications

Our expert Crystal Reports developers help our clients extract valuable information from their data. Combining our expertise in database programming (sql and stored procedures) with our expertise with the Crystal Reports toolset, we can tackle the most complex reporting applications including complex graphing and charting and reporting on pre-printed government forms.

And Sql Server Reporting Service help our clients to extract the valuable informations from the data. Our Programmers are well versed in SSRS,SSIS and SSAS.

Custom Applications

Please read about azsets' capabilities and processes towards any successful application services engagement. These form the post-contractual phases of engagement and form the typical challenges that customers seek reassurances on towards a custom application engagement.

Interface Development

We create mission critical interface applications between custom database applications and third party software.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Please contact us to see how we can apply Oracle or SQL Server Database Software to manage your business critical data.

Technical Capabilities

Programming Expertise The technical teams at azsets are familiar with Microsoft, Java and PHP technologies.

The experience level of our programming teams range from 2-3 years. And the experience levels of our Project Management and System Architecture teams range from 5 years+. Combined these teams bring a formidable level of both programming and project understanding to take our projects conception to final successful deployments.

Our understanding of databases from both Microsoft and Oracle is deep, with extensive application level work having been conducted on either platforms.

Technical Specializations:
• Database: Oracle, MS SQL, MySql, MS Access

Project Planning
In addition to the core development, we add value in database structure design and on workflow planning. While this is typical of a domestic engagement, we are happy to be called upon such consulting relationships for overseas clients as well. Clients have found our teams to have a quick grasp of their processes and application requirements.

Project Support
We deploy dedicated teams to key accounts for every project. The composition of each team must have at least one or two members from the original development team, to ensure sustained enhancement and trouble shooting.

Outsource Application Development India
India has always been a leading provider of offshore development services. Choosing the right outsourcing vendor can provide various benefits to your organisation, such as:

  • Large savings in cost
  • Synergy across business processes
  • Knowledge enhancement
  • Operational flexibility
  • Better quality of products and services
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Ability to focus on core business