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About Us

Azsets Software helps people quickly view and explore the full scope of enterprise and Web-based information available for better-informed decision making. Our open, Web-based solutions gather, analyze and organize all kinds of structured and unstructured digital information, presenting it in a single, unified navigation view that dynamically displays content in context.

With Azsets navigation solutions, you don’t have to know what’s stored on your network or how it’s classified, to enjoy an informed view of everything that’s relevant to your specific interest.

azsets breakthrough technology can deliver the following benefits:

  • Access more relevant & timely results derived from the full context and scope of information
  • Illuminate unseen relationships, to know what you don't know
  • Explore information interactively, leveraging human knowledge; closing the "last mile" to the decision maker
  • Achieve value 10 X faster than competitors through easy implementation and immediate functionality
  • Get "the 80% of Knowledge Management you need at 10% of the price".